Two Spent Grains Brew'ed Biscuits

Two Spent Grains Brew'ed Biscuits

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Pet Supplies
Simcoe Ontario
Simcoe, ON
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All Natural Pet Treats made with Upcycled SpentGrain & Local Ingredients.

Business Description

We bake Brew’ed Biscuits-All Natural Spent Grain Pet Treats. People approved!

Hand crafted, baked in commercial kitchen using all local products. Our biscuits are a healthy vegetarian option made with no additives, preservatives, hops, soy, salt or sugar.

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October 12, 2021

Our 12 year old shihtzu loves Brew’ed Biscuits. They are easier on his digestive system, because there is no added preservatives, fillers or colours that are found in commercial brand dog treats. As soon as we give him one this burst of energy comes over him and he is running around like a new puppy. Brew’ed Biscuits might be slightly on the costlier side, but when it’s about your furbaby, it’s worth the price.

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