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Sprucewood Handmade Cookie Co.
Rose DesRochers Rose DesRochers reviewed it on Nov-08-2021

I have tried several of this company's cookies and let me just say it was a real hit and miss. Some flavors had me saying just one more cookie as I reached in the box, and other flavors had me reaching for a tall glass of milk to chase the flavor down. One flavor had me realizing that certain ingredients should NOT be put in a shortbread cookie. It certainly is one brand that is defined by your taste palate.

Go Cup Yourself Coffee
Rose DesRochers Rose DesRochers reviewed it on Nov-04-2021

My first month subscription was Panama Boquete Finca Bajo Mono. I like my coffee light and smooth and this roast was just that. I could taste notes of brown sugar and grape. It was definitely a smooth tasting coffee. October 2021’s subscription roast was El Salvador Finca Rumani. This blend was a very smooth, easy drinking coffee. On the nose, I got hints of fruity and spicy which blended nicely. I couldn’t pinpoint the smell of fruit.I thought pear. Upon dripping I could smell chocolate notes. The sweetness and notes come forth very well when coffee cupping.There is a bit of aftertaste, but this isn’t a bad thing. Both of the coffee’s I have tried were a lighter roast and a nice after dinner treat. I wouldn’t select it as my get up and go morning coffee. Customer service is excellent and the price isn't too bad. Sure $30 a month for coffee may seem to be a lot to spend, however when you factor in what you spend at big chain coffee shops Go Cup Yourself equals to 64 cents a cup of coffee. I think someone should go cup themselves.

Puffin Gear
Rose DesRochers Rose DesRochers reviewed it on Nov-04-2021

They have really nice blankets. The blanket we own from Puffin Gear measures 80"X 60." The size of the blanket was a huge seller for me. My husband who is 6’1”—often has a hard time fitting under standard blankets. His toes normally stick out. The Polartec 300 series fleece thermal blanket was literally built with tall people like him in mind. I like to wrap myself like a burrito in my blanket. As a plus size lady, I was impressed the blanket covered my husband, our daughter and me. No more fighting over blanket, as I tend to be a little bit of a blanket hog. I’m not sure if it was made to be pet-friendly, but our shihtzu loves to curl up under it. Since it’s so large, I can also easily slide in and out of it without waking up our sleeping shihtzu, unless I am going to the kitchen for a night time snack that is. We use the Polartec 300 series fleece thermal blanket as a couch blanket, a bed blanket, an outdoor blanket and a floor blanket—and for all four, it was amazing. We own a queen-sized bed, and it is the perfect fit. To me, the 127.95 price tag is absolutely worth it. It’s everything one could ever want in a blanket, and my husband says he does not plan on crawling out of it anytime soon. Overall, It’s soft, comfortable, easy to wash and looks absolutely gorgeous draped over my couch or covering my bed. What's not to love?

Comeback Snacks
Rose DesRochers Rose DesRochers reviewed it on Nov-04-2021

I have tried four of the flavors so far and all 4 flavors were delicious and bursting with flavor. All flavors were perfectly popped. There are no hard kernels left over to break your teeth on. I am hooked. Customer service is outstanding!

Kuhl Pup Treats
Rose DesRochers Rose DesRochers reviewed it on Nov-04-2021

Kuhl’s Pup Treats have a large variety of Baked and Dehydrated treats for your dogs and cats in eighteen tail wagging flavours. There are two sizes of bags available. Choose from small or large. You can even order an advent calendar for your fur-babies. Both our dogs Mya and Maxi had issues with allergies and a sensitive tummy. Sure I can make my own dog treats, but with today’s busy lifestyle and a daughter at home remote learning I sometimes just don’t have enough time. I love the fact that Kuhl’s Pup Treats are made with all natural ingredients, and our dog Maxi loves them. Treats will last several months in the cupboard and you can also freeze them. I will be placing an order for Christmas!

Karys Layne Candles
Rose DesRochers Rose DesRochers reviewed it on Nov-02-2021

I own the Diamond shimmer candle. If you love expensive women’s perfume you will love the sweet, subtle, scent of Diamond shimmer.  The candle contains white musk, fragrant jasmine, cardamom, then blended with rosewood. I find it to be very relaxing. The aroma gently takes over your living room and floats through the house. The wooden double wick candle has a 70 hour burn time. I love that you can smell it the moment you walk through the door. And the sweet smell lingers around long after you’ve blown out the candle.

Rose DesRochers Rose DesRochers reviewed it on Oct-28-2021

My friend Barb owns a sweatshirt from So fetch. The sweatshirts are a generous fit with nice long enough sleeves. This is a treat for her because often clothes are made too short for her long arms. The 50/50 poly cotton blend washed up like a dream in the machine and dried easily in the dryer. It still looks terrific after several washes.

Phil's Fudge Factory
Rose DesRochers Rose DesRochers reviewed it on Oct-27-2021

Each piece of fudge comes in its own little white box and is wrapped in cellophane to keep in the moisture and freshness. I am telling you this. One taste of Phil's Fudge and you'll be ordering more!

Phil's Fudge Factory
Admin Admin reviewed it on Oct-27-2021

The apple pie fudge from Philips’s fudge is to die for! The apple pie is beautifully caramelized, yet its creatively intertwined with a creamy texture from the fudge making it a piece of heaven. All the while it melts in your mouth leaving you truly wanting more. I have had many different types of fudge in my 50+ years and this fudge is truly a masterpiece; my own mom or grandmothers fudge doesn’t even come close and I may get disowned for that comment but Philips fudge is so good you won’t be disappointed. I have had the pleasure of trying the Apple Pie, Carrot Cake and even the Chocolate mint and each one was so good I cant choose a favorite

Rose DesRochers Rose DesRochers reviewed it on Oct-20-2021

Peakbwa clothing fits well and washes up well. The clothing is versatile and grows with your child. The sweater my daughter owns goes with so many items in her wardrobe.

Rampage Coffee Co
Rose DesRochers Rose DesRochers reviewed it on Oct-19-2021

We ordered the medium roast. Rampage Coffee is smooth, not bitter, great tasting coffee. The first time my husband tried it he said "Now that is a good cup of coffee."There was also a very fresh taste to the coffee too. The acidity was also low compared to many coffees I have tasted. The aroma was wonderful too and full bodied. When you open the Rampage Coffee Bag for the first time, you will notice it has a dog bone imprinted tag that you pull off to open the bag. This ensures your Rampage coffee is always fresh. Dustin and Lauren also insure coffee is always fresh as the coffee comes in a resealable bag.

Mary Macleod’s Shortbread
Rose DesRochers Rose DesRochers reviewed it on Oct-15-2021

Even my husband who isn't normally a fan of shortbread cookies enjoys Mary Macleod’s Shortbread cookies. I find the chocolate crunch not to be overly sweet. They are nicely crisp and deliciously buttery. The signature Chocolate Crunch cookie, contains bits of Belgian chocolate which is heavenly. Yes, the cookies are more expensive, but I can guarantee you that they are worth it. You can order online from their website or check out your local Indigo book store.

Two Spent Grains Brew'ed Biscuits
Rose DesRochers Rose DesRochers reviewed it on Oct-13-2021

Our 12 year old shihtzu loves Brew’ed Biscuits. They are easier on his digestive system, because there is no added preservatives, fillers or colours that are found in commercial brand dog treats. As soon as we give him one this burst of energy comes over him and he is running around like a new puppy. Brew’ed Biscuits might be slightly on the costlier side, but when it’s about your furbaby, it’s worth the price.

Rose DesRochers Rose DesRochers reviewed it on Sep-11-2021

Uniqueopolis is a down to earth Canadian company. Having spoken to Nick the owner on several occasions this Canadian business is truly relationship-based, valuing every single customer. He went out of his way to design a personal pillow for me and it looks great. His respond time to emails is acceptation and delivery time is quick.

Punk-E Bows
Rose DesRochers Rose DesRochers reviewed it on Sep-07-2021

Punk-E Bows went out of their way to create specific bows for me. Shipping was fast and the bows are strongly made. I will definitely be placing a 2nd order. Thank you for the excellent customer service.

Cambridge Suites Toronto
Rose DesRochers Rose DesRochers reviewed it on Sep-06-2021

We have stayed here a few times and each time our stay has been exception, the staff friendly and the room clean. I would definitely recommend Cambridge Suites Toronto.

TuBees Honey
Rose DesRochers Rose DesRochers reviewed it on Sep-04-2021

I love the taste and consistency of their honey. I have tried both the lemon and cinnamon honey. Both were delicious. A great product, and a great company overall. Very friendly customer service. Thank Ms. G. Gaye Sheppard and team.

Amy's Twisted Crafts
Rose DesRochers Rose DesRochers reviewed it on Sep-02-2021

Amy was wonderful to work with. She was able to deliver just what I asked for. Turn around time was fast and the t-shirt looks great. I will deal with Amy again.

Mrs. Rees' Vintage Beauty Parlour
Nicole West Nicole West reviewed it on Sep-02-2021

Mrs Rees has been my hairdresser for the last few years, but has become a friend also. She is very talented and passionate about what she does and puts her heart and soul into it. I love that she uses environmentally friendly products and the general vintage aesthetic of her salon. She is generous with her time and attention to detail. My hairstyles and cuts tend to be simple, but I have done some photoshoots with her with full hair styling and makeup and it is always top notch, professional quality. I highly Mrs Rees and her salon!

Mrs. Rees' Vintage Beauty Parlour
Lynn Olsen Lynn Olsen reviewed it on Sep-01-2021

I don't get there nearly as often as I'd like, but when I do go it's like a girls day at the spa. Michele is an absolute doll and she has mad hair skills! Highly recommend!

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